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From one-act comedies for school competions to award-winning plays for professional stages, Stage Partners has a wide selection of plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working in theatre today. And each play is FREE TO READ. All day. Every day.

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  • 8 Minutes Left - Stage Partners

    8 Minutes Left

    Written By: e.b. lee
    Length: 90-100 minutes
    Cast Size: 7-22 actors (suggested casting: 5F, 5M, 5 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Drama
    The world is coming to an end at exactly 4:44PM today, and no one has had any time to prepare. 8 Minutes Left follows the residents of Charlesville, NJ as they navigate their final moments on this Earth – from a couple with a bunker in their backyard who can’t quite figure out how to get in, to two elderly frenemies who fight over their favorite park bench, to a mother observing her children o...
  • Tooth & Tail

    Tooth & Tail

    Written By: Elizabeth A.M. Keel
    Length: 100-120 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-20+ actors (suggested casting: 6F, 2M)
    Genre: Comedy
    Tooth & Tail is a fantastic swashbuckler that explores the dynamics of female friendship. When Princess Plumeria is kidnapped, Vixen LaFey and her dragon Flicker are determined to rescue her – and bring her home for the reward money. But along the way, they must face pirates, a witch who won’t stop rhyming, curses, and monsters of all kinds. From the dazzling dangers of the forests, to the...
  • Game Night (Humans Only, Please)

    Game Night (Humans Only, Please)

    Written By: Laura Neill
    Length: 35-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 9 actors (9 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    It's game night at the end of the world. The library is one of the only places still above the water line, and the nerds are living it up while they can. But when the soccer team shows up because their field went underwater, they begin a more dangerous game. A high-stakes dark comedy about mutant lizards, climate change, and being the generation born to watch the water level rise.
  • Zombie Boyfriend - A.M. Dittman - Stage Partners

    Zombie Boyfriend

    Written By: A.M. Dittman
    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 6-30 actors (suggested casting: 5F, 5M, 5 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Melissa's best friend has a crush on the new guy, but Melissa's not so sure about Arghn. Maybe it's the grunting, or the insatiable desire for brains. Nobody but Melissa seems to notice as the horde of zombies starts to spread through the school - or if they do, they don't want to rock the boat. Can a zombie hunter and an awkward doctor help Melissa save the staggering population from themselves?...
  • The Girl with the Golden Hand - Stage Partners

    The Girl with the Golden Hand

    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 9 actors (7F, 2M)
    Genre: Drama
    Lolo is just your average teenager, until one day she suddenly acquires a Midas-like gift that turns everything she touches into literal gold. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Except she has to wear an oven mitt over her hand at school, her dad is using her as his own personal money mint, and she can’t even hold her boyfriend’s hand without accidentally killing him. With the help of her b...
  • iFeel - Stage Partners


    Written By: Chris Barlow
    Length: 35-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 5-13+ actors (suggested casting: 2F, 2M, 4 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Relationships are hard, but thankfully technology has made them easier than ever before: Just sync your feelings through the cloud with iFeel! But when Sam and Tyler decide to take their relationship to the next level––and start syncing their feelings––the result is a zany sci-fi rom-com that asks just how much sharing is too much sharing...
6 Items