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Plays for Advanced Actors

For school drama programs that are looking for more ambitious plays, Stage Partners has an exciting collection of one-act and full-length plays for advanced actors.

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  • Rocky Road - Stage Partners

    Rocky Road

    Written By: Danielle Mohlman
    Length: 90-100 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-20+ actors (suggested casting: 8F, 1M, 4 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy, Drama
     Hannah and Molly have been best friends for as long as they can remember, so they always knew this day would come. Hannah’s about to head off to college while Molly still has one year left of high school. And on top of all that, it’s their last summer working together at Rocky Road, the only independently owned ice cream shop in the Del Rey neighborhood of Alexandria — a workplace where th...
  • As If, Cassandra - Stage Partners

    As If, Cassandra

    Written By: Jason Pizzarello
    Length: 40-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 9-20 actors (suggested casting: 9F, 2M, 4+ any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Drama
    Everybody's whispering: Something's wrong with Cassie. She walked out on her squad mid-routine; won't help her mom put up Christmas decorations; suddenly wants to back out of prom plans. Well, Cassie hears taunts about how fate is inescapable in every cheer, her mom doesn't seem to notice it's February, and she's haunted by premonitions of something terrible that will happen if prom night continue...
2 Items