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Science Fiction & Fantasy

From post-apocalyptic dramas to other-worldly comedies, Stage Partners has an exciting collection of science fiction and fantasy plays for schools and theatres.

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  • Extra Ordinary - Stage Partners

    Extra Ordinary

    Length: 70-80 minutes (each one-act is approximately 35 mins)
    Cast Size: 7-17 actors (suggested casting: 13F, 4M)
    Genre: Drama
    Incredible things are happening to average teenagers in this collection of two extraordinary one-acts. In The Girl with the Golden Hand, Lolo suddenly acquires a Midas-like gift that turns everything she touches into literal gold. It's not the gift it seems and she must find a way to lift the curse before she loses everything she holds dear. In My Extraordinary Life That Almost Was, Cass's parents...
  • iFeel - Stage Partners


    Written By: Chris Barlow
    Length: 35-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 5-13+ actors (suggested casting: 2F, 2M, 4 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Relationships are hard, but thankfully technology has made them easier than ever before: Just sync your feelings through the cloud with iFeel! But when Sam and Tyler decide to take their relationship to the next level––and start syncing their feelings––the result is a zany sci-fi rom-com that asks just how much sharing is too much sharing...
  • My Extraordinary Life That Almost Was - Stage Partners

    My Extraordinary Life That Almost Was

    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 8 actors (6F, 2M)
    Genre: Drama
    As Cass’s birthday approaches, her parents reveal to her a shocking family secret: they’re superheroes. Genuine, real-life superheroes with almost limitless powers and abilities: flight, superhuman strength, invisibility, and even immortality. When she turns 18, Cass can become a superhero, too—but she has to choose it. The catch? She’ll lose the ability to experience human emotions like e...
Items 31 - 33 of 33