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From murder mysteries to gothic horror, Stage Partners has an exciting collection of suspenseful plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working today. From high schools and middle schools to community and professional theatres, Stage Partners has chilling new plays for every stage.

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  • Beware The House on Haunted Hill! - Stage Partners

    Beware the House on Haunted Hill!

    Adapted by Matthew Byrd & Kathryn Funkhouser from the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill, written by Robb White, directed by William Castle, starring Vincent Price
    Length: 85-90 minutes
    Cast Size: 9 actors (suggested casting: 3F, 3M, 3 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Come to the party…stay if you dare. An eccentric millionaire promises six guests a mysterious prize if they can survive the night at the only truly haunted house in the world. Everyone invited has a few skeletons in their closets though, and screwball scares lurk around every corner. The classic 50s horror movie House on Haunted Hill becomes a campy whodunnit in this low-tech stage adaptation. J...
  • Ten(ish): Comedies: 10 (or so) minute plays.  Short horror play collection.

    Ten(ish): Horror

    Length: Ten 10-Minute Plays
    Cast Size: Varies by Title
    Genre: Drama
    It's time for tales of terror to see their day onstage. From horrifying creatures, to long-buried secrets, to the dark visions in your own mirror, nightmares await in Ten(ish): Horror, an anthology of short plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working today.   Ten(ish): Horror is edited by Brendan Conheady and features the following short plays:   Trust...
  • Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? - a historical mystery play script by Katherine Vondy - Stage Partners

    Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

    Written By: Katherine Vondy
    Length: 80-90 minutes
    Cast Size: 9-25 actors (suggested casting: 8F, 8M)
    Genre: Drama
    While wandering Worcester, England in 1943, a teenage boy happened upon the skeleton of an unidentified woman inside the trunk of a large tree. An investigation commenced to determine who the woman was and how she died, but it raised more questions than it answered. Was she a spy? Was she a prostitute? Had she been part of an occult ritual? Theories abounded, but no definitive answers emerged. The...
  • SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    Length: 90-120 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-16 actors
    Genre: Comedy
    We begin on the Titanic. An ideal setting for a murder mystery, don't you think? First class. The game afoot: a mystery that must be solved before the ship goes down... And then, something starts to shift... We are actually backstage at a Broadway show based on a Titanic. And one of the actors ends up dead. It's a noir. And then the perception of reality starts to shift again...A traditional locke...
  • Ten(ish): Horror - Capsule by Heather McDonald, 10-minute horror play


    Written By: Heather McDonald
    Length: 10 minutes
    Cast Size: 3 actors (2M, 1 any)
    Genre: Drama
    When a beloved park is scheduled to become a parking lot, three friends are forced to dig up their time capsule a bit earlier than they had planned. What they dig up about their shared past will change them all forever.  This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Horror.
  • Ten(ish): Horrors - Viewings by Del Martin, 10-minute horror play


    Written By: Del Martin
    Length: 10 - 15 minutes
    Cast Size: 5-6 actors (suggested casting: 6F)
    Genre: Drama
    You never quite know what you're getting when you buy an old house. The past may still echo within its walls. For Deirdre, who is on the run from her own past, a new home means an escape, but it also comes with some unexpected inhabitants.   This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Horror.
  • Ten(ish): Horror - Trust Fall by Weston Scott 10-minute play

    Trust Fall

    Written By: Weston Scott
    Length: 10 minutes
    Cast Size: 3 actors (3F)
    Genre: Drama
    Jackie hasn’t been the same since her sister Sadie died. Luckily, Dani has been there to guide her through her grief. But when Jackie leads Dani to the maw of a cave on the one year anniversary of Sadie’s death, this friendship will be pushed to the limit as they step further and further into the darkness.   This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Horror.
7 Items