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From one-act comedies for school competions to award-winning plays for professional stages, Stage Partners has a wide selection of plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working in theatre today. And each play is FREE TO READ. All day. Every day.

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  • How to Win at Life - Stage Partners

    How to Win at Life

    Written By: Don Zolidis
    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-25+ actors (suggested casting: 2F, 2M, 8 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Sure technology has made some things easier, but has it really made everything easier? Now, with a new mobile home system of drones from Amazon-Google-Microsoft-Apple, technology can truly help you win at life. Do you need your food chewed and regurgitated into your mouth like a baby bird? Done. How about all that pesky parenting that takes so much of your time? Solved. Think about all the wasted...
1 Item