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Large Cast One-Act Plays

Whether you are looking for a large cast comedy for an evening of one-acts, or a large cast drama for competition, Stage Partners has an excellent catalog of award-winning large cast plays for high schools, middle schools, and theatres.

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  • A Night Under the Stars (one-act) - Stage Partners

    A Night Under the Stars (one-act)

    Written By: Tracy Wells
    Length: 40-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-17 actors (suggested casting: 17 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    The great outdoors…for some this is a place of peace and tranquility and for others it’s…well…a little messy. A Night Under the Stars is a story about people—people looking to get away from it all, people looking to connect…with nature, with one another, and with the undeniable human spirit that overcomes obstacles, no matter what is thrown our way. And whether it’s attempting to mak...
  • Adapted and Destroyed - Ian McWethy - Stage Partners

    Adapted & Destroyed: A Tale of Storytelling Gone Wrong

    Written By: Ian McWethy
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-28 actors (suggested casting: 5F, 10 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    It started as a bedtime story. A story about a bunny that Mary’s mom used to tell her every night. And it was a pretty weird one (with way more digressions about mortgage rates than you’d ever expect in a children's story). But when her mom died, Bouncy Bunny became a way for Mary to remember her. So one day she decided to write it all down. And then, to her great surprise... it took...
2 Items