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One-Act Comedies

From large cast original play scripts to adaptations of classic works, Stage Partners has an exciting collection of one-act comedies by some of the funniest playwrights working today. These plays are perfect for high schools, middle schools, and theatres. 

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  • Peter Pan (Non-flying version! one-act) - Stage Partners

    Peter Pan: Non-Flying Version! (one-act)

    Adapted by Jon Jory from the novel by J.M. Barrie
    Length: 35-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-30 actors (suggested casting: 5F, 5M, 5 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    This inventive adaptation can be performed with or without flying, making it a perfect and flexible choice for smaller spaces and limited budgets. In the world of Neverland, Peter Pan is king until he meets his match...a female Captain Hook. Experience a theatrical and inventive Peter Pan like you never have before! Master director and acclaimed playwright Jon Jory has reimagined th...
  • I, Chorus - Stage Partners

    I, Chorus

    Written By: Ian McWethy
    Length: 35-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 18-30 actors (suggested casting 2F, 1M, 15 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    College-drop out Elle is lost and trying to find her place in the world until she meets a Greek Chorus completely devoted to each other and speaking in unison. And doing other things in unison. Like getting a job a Walmart and going on a date. To join them, Elle has to give up everything and everyone she knows, but maybe this is exactly what she has been looking for...
  • Finding Corey Taylor - one-act version - Stage Partners

    Finding Corey Taylor (one-act)

    Written By: Tracy Wells
    Length: 40-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-25 actors (suggested casting: 25 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    Corey is lost. It’s the day of her high school graduation and her unsigned yearbook confirms what she already suspects…no one knows who Corey Taylor is. And how can she blame them when Corey hardly knows herself? When her best friend, Reese, suggests a road trip across America to meet other people named Corey Taylor, Corey reluctantly agrees, and embarks on the trip of a lifetime, hoping that...
  • The Graduation Project - Stage Partners

    The Graduation Project

    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-25 actors, gender flexible
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    The one where two over-achieving, but selfish Seniors must put aside their own ambitions and help their fellow students in order to graduate. The problem? Graduation is in two days. Hashtag uh oh?
  • Eating Crayons by Ryan M. Bultrowicz, a ten-minute play, part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies - Stage Partners

    Eating Crayons

    Written By: Ryan M. Bultrowicz
    Length: 10 minutes
    Cast Size: 3 actors (2F, 1M)
    Genre: Comedy
    Growing up, we shared their classrooms. We may have even judged them. Now it's their turn to speak. Eating Crayons is a delightful ode to the beautiful misfits who dared to taste the many colors of  every kid's world. This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies.
  • Happy Birthday To Me by Alle Mims, a ten-minute play, part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies - Stage Partners

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Written By: Alle Mims
    Length: 10
    Cast Size: 2 actors (2F)
    Genre: Comedy
    It's Chelsea's 14th birthday at midnight tonight - but until then, her older sister, Andrea is in charge. The sleepover guests are due any minute... aren't they? Unless something else is going on... This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies.
  • Dorothy and the Thief of Oz (one-act version) - Stage Partners

    Dorothy and the Thief of Oz (one-act version)

    Written By: Sean Abley
    Length: 40-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-17 actors (suggested casting: 7F, 6M, 1 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Can Dorothy find the Tin Woodsman’s stolen heart and her parents on her second trip to Oz? Upon her arrival, she finds Tin Woodsman’s heart has been stolen, leaving him unable to love. Thrilled at the opportunity to pursue her dream of reuniting with her parents, but desperate to find her friend’s heart, Dorothy joins the beloved Oz characters in search of both. With the help of rabbit detec...
  • The Lost Art of Finding - Stage Partners

    The Lost Art of Finding

    Written By: Alan Haehnel
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-30 actors (suggested casting: 15 any)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    Say what you will about Sophie, she is focused. On Something, a crucial Something, and she won't give up until she has It. A pushy salesman, a mob of celebrity hounds, the celebrity himself, even a well-meaning, potential friend will not distract Sophie from her quest. This large cast, gender-flexible one-act will both entertain and intrigue, inviting viewers to question what their particular Some...
8 Items