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Shakespeare, Clearly

New contemporary adaptations by renowned director Jon Jory!

But what are these adaptations? Shakespeare’s work has been adapted in a straightforward manner that emphasizes story and character rather than poetry. They seek to create an early contact with younger audiences and actors that serve as an easily understood introduction to these works that allow easy understanding and involvement. These adaptations aim to draw the participant to the works themselves.

Casting: In all versions there is an attempt to encourage more women in a gender-neutral casting of many roles. Doubling is possible for a smaller cast

Production Style: Each adaptation is designed to be played on a bare stage with simple furniture brought on and taken off by the actors allowing fluid and forward moving production. Costumes should be a mix of the contemporary and the classical. Perform in your classroom or on stage.

Length: The one-acts are trimmed with surgeon-like precision and get right to the heart of the tale. And they're perfect for school play festivals and competitions. The full-lengths are energetic and are evidence of Jory's intimate experience with each play.

We hope young artists and students fall in love with the characters and desire to dive into the original text. If you decide to perform these adaptations, audiences young and old will no doubt connect to Shakespeare in a new and enjoyable way.

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  • Shakespeare Clearly: The Tempest, a one-act play adaptation for schools by Jon Jory - Stage Partners

    Shakespeare, Clearly: The Tempest

    Written By: Jon Jory
    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-15 actors (suggested casting: 3M, 1F, 8 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    The survivors of shipwreck navigate a sorcerer's magical island in this classic Shakespeare comedy. This straightforward adaptation mixing contemporary and classical language emphasizes story and character rather than the poetry. Master director and acclaimed playwright Jon Jory has reimagined the classic tale to serve as an early introduction for younger audiences and actors that allows easy invo...
1 Item