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  • And Neither Have I Wings to Fly - a play by Ann Noble

    And Neither Have I Wings to Fly

    Length: 150 minutes
    Cast Size:
    Genre: Drama
    In 1950s Ireland, family means everything. So when Eveline Donnelly abandons her dream of a university education to care for her widowed father, it seems only right and natural. But as she watches her younger sister prepare to leave home, a visit from her mother's ghost makes Evie begin to ask, "When is it my turn?"
  • Little Women...Now

    Little Women...Now

    Length: 135 minutes
    Cast Size: 7 actors (5F, 2M)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy, Drama
    In this present-day take on the classic novel, the beloved March women manage love, life, and disappointment with heart, humor, and 21st century sensibilities--and no period costumes!  A 90-minute cutting of this play is also available. Please contact Stage Partners for details.
  • SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    Length: 90-120 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-16 actors
    Genre: Comedy
    We begin on the Titanic. An ideal setting for a murder mystery, don't you think? First class. The game afoot: a mystery that must be solved before the ship goes down... And then, something starts to shift... We are actually backstage at a Broadway show based on a Titanic. And one of the actors ends up dead. It's a noir. And then the perception of reality starts to shift again...A traditional locke...
3 Items