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peter royston

  1. Distance Learning: Fighting For Attention

    News of canceled productions and uprooted programs is heartbreaking for all of us. We've been challenged to change the way we live and create, and with little notice.

    Playwright and theater educator Peter Royston has been teaching remotely for the past year and has mastered the art of Distance Learning. Spoiler Alert: It's not easy!

    How can theater educators thrive in the new digital classroom we all— teachers, kids, parents, the world— suddenly find ourselves in?

    Because no matter how long Skype, Zoom, Newrow, LearnCube, or any of the other platforms have been active, the transition to online learning has been very sudden, precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis. Whatever your age— whether you’re a kid or adult, single citizen or worried parent— you can’t escape the idea whose time has

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  2. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Exploring different interpretations of the same story

    This past school year, director, educator and a Stage Partners favorite, Peter Royston, directed two play adaptations of The Jungle Book. His middle schoolers produced the Stage Partners Jon Jory’s adaptation and the elementary students performed the Disney musical. In this intimate essay, Peter shares his experience working on the two different adaptations and what his students took away from viewing each other’s work. 

    Akela asks the Wolf Pack to spare Mowgli's life in the Sleepy Hollow

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