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patty macmullen

  1. It's Her Say: Meet the Playwrights

    IT's Her Say: Meet the Playwrights

    Get to know the playwrights of IT’S HER SAY, the collection of short plays where females take the lead! Stage Partners was able to get some time to talk with a few of these busy teachers. Find out what inspires these teachers/playwrights, learn a bit more about the scripts, and what these writers hope young performers will take away from working on these short plays.

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  2. New Takes on Classic Tales: Wild Waves Whist

    The Pandemic can have us feeling a bit at sea when it comes to gearing up for the new school year. Is it just me? New parameters are being set for doing what we have done, instinctually, for so long. Teachers are having to dig down deep to develop their curriculum this Fall. The creativity we are seeing from theater educators, not surprisingly, knows no bounds!

    Pre-pandemic, we met a teacher who was making creative choices for her students habitually. Patty MacMullen has taken the reigns when she has needed to. When she couldn’t find the right piece for her particular group of students, she made it herself. The truth of that piece resonated and now we

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  3. Playwrights' Guest Blog: Perhaps YOU Must Write It!

    We asked playwrights Patty MacMullen & Mandy Conner to share their advice for getting started with your next script. 

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