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maria mcconville

  1. My Brother's Gift: An Interview with Claudia Haas and Eva Schloss

    My Brother's Gift: An Interview with Claudia Haas and Eva Schloss

    Watch the video of the in-depth discussion about the new play, My Brother’s Gift, with playwright Claudia Haas, collaborator Eva Schloss, and Stage Partners Education Director, Maria McConville.

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  2. Outdoor Theatre: The Must-Haves For Your Open-Air Performance

    Outdoor Theatre: The Must-Haves For Your Open-Air Performance

    Theatre makers have managed to find a way to create art all through the pandemic virtually. With Spring in our reach, it’s time to get out from behind the Zoom screen and out in the open air for some outdoor theatre. Have the perfect play? Eyeing your location? We have you covered on planning your successful #outdoortheatrewin.

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  3. Outdoor Theatre: Q&A with Artistic Director Claire Kelly of Shakespeare on the Sound

     Outdoor Theatre: Q&A with Artistic Director Claire Kelly of Shakespeare on the Sound

    Planning an open-air production this Spring or Summer? Stage Partners Education Director Maria McConville connected with Outdoor Theatre Veteran and Artistic Director of Shakespeare on the Sound, Claire Kelly, who shares her To-Do list for creating a successful outdoor production.

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  4. Digital Teaching Tools: A Wind in the Door

    With this new adaptation comes new lesson plans! Peter Royston’s 3 Lesson Plans were created specifically for his adaptation of A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. These lessons will round out an ensemble’s experience rehearsing this play or help students get solid grasp of the script when analyzing in class. And best of all, they’re absolutely free to download and use.

    I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Royston not only as an actor for his virtual reading of

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  5. Digital Teaching Tools: I Hate Valentines Day

    At the end of her script, I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY, playwright Sonya Sobieski, offers some thoughtful questions for drama teachers to pose to their student cast. We thought it would be helpful to bring these questions to the front, so theatre directors and teachers could bring them to drama class. 

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  6. Digital Teaching Tools: Tuck Everlasting

    Tuck Everlasting:
    A Teaching Tool for Discovering Self-Awareness through Social Emotional Learning

    Whether it’s middle school theater class or the high school play, practicing theater in school helps guide us through all of the ups and downs that life brings us. The year 2020 has forced so many of our young people to grow-up quickly. Our relationship with time has certainly been altered. Since March 2020, there were points the months seemed like years, or was that just me? The major events the world has experienced has had many focus in on what is important; family, love, and what we do with our time. So many of us had to experience the loss of those we hold dear in a way that is not easily explained.

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  7. New Takes on Classic Tales: Shakespeare, Clearly

    If the Pandemic has given us theater teachers anything, it has given us the opportunity to have our students focus on fundamentals. So often in pre-"shelter-in-place" times, we were just so busy with all of the moving pieces of putting up a show. How we wished we had more time to do a deep dive into technique, theater history, and play analysis! Well that time is now: Enter, Distance Learning.

    One of the fundamental building blocks of being a theater practitioner is knowing the work of William Shakespeare. Love him or hate him, you have to back

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  8. New Takes on Classic Tales: Wild Waves Whist

    The Pandemic can have us feeling a bit at sea when it comes to gearing up for the new school year. Is it just me? New parameters are being set for doing what we have done, instinctually, for so long. Teachers are having to dig down deep to develop their curriculum this Fall. The creativity we are seeing from theater educators, not surprisingly, knows no bounds!

    Pre-pandemic, we met a teacher who was making creative choices for her students habitually. Patty MacMullen has taken the reigns when she has needed to. When she couldn’t find the right piece for her particular group of students, she made it herself. The truth of that piece resonated and now we

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  9. Distance Learning: Creating a Scene From Literature

    We’re going back to school… or maybe we’re not going back in-person, it’s all online… or maybe we’re in school but we are social distancing…

    This is not an easy time to plan if you are a theater teacher. As you begin to develop your plans for in-school, home-school and everything in between, Stage Partners wants to be a resource to you. Using a play from our catalogue as a starting point and developing lessons around it can help keep the love of theater alive until we can all congregate for a live performance once again.

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  10. Distance Learning: The Student Written Play and How to Get Started

    Seems like a lot of us will be sheltering-in-place for a while longer. While distance learning isn't ideal, potentially our students (and us) have some found extra time now that we're all at home.

    Seriously: Remember when we were out and about with each other and we all said, “I just wish I had more time!”?

    It’s here. COVID-19 has, in some cases, gifted us with time. It’s time to write that play! No excuses.

    Why Write a Play? Why NOW?

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