Meet the new Stage Partners website

We've always thought that finding the perfect new play should be easy, engaging, and exciting.
Now we're proud to offer more ways to make it happen!


Where to Start Exploring

You can start with a wide panorama view of everything or dive into a specifically curated collection - there's no wrong way to do it

Start with one of the four options in the middle of the homepage (see R) to dive into a wide array of results - you can always whittle down the list later!

  • Choose Browse by Group from the dropdown to get a list of plays curated for particular groups of performers like "Professional Theatre" or "Middle School."

  • Check out the Play Collections dropdown for more specifically curated lists for everything from "Science Fiction & Fantasy" to "Texas UIL"

  • Already know your specs? Scroll down to the Play Search bar to put in the particulars (see below).

Fun with Filters

An ultra-satisfying way to search. Once you dive into the catalogue, your page of results can be refined even more! 

  • Use the sidebar on the left  (see below) to try different filters on your results.  Everything from genre to production specifics can be picked in different combinations. We really had fun with this. Minimal-set one-act murder mystery with a female lead? Large-cast Christmas ensemble drama? The possibilities are endless!

  • Organize your results by publication date, alphabetically, or by popularity using the Sort By dropdown at the top of the results (see below, above The Day the Internet Died.)

Get to Know a New Play

Our play profile pages have more information than ever - and as always, you can read the full script for free online.

Here are a few of the new features to check out:

  • Improved script reader: Our scripts have never looked better! Click the READ FOR FREE button to get started - making an account only takes seconds.
  • Wish list: Once you're logged into your account, you can add a play to your list to keep track of what you've read by clicking the heart below "Read for Free"
  • Photo and video capabilities: See production photos and video content from productions of many plays to spark your imagination.
  • Reviews: See what others have to say about this play and provide your own feedback about your experience with a play.
  • Resources and blog posts: If a play has related resources like projections, lesson plans, or playwright interviews, those will be available right on the play page!

Get to Know a Playwright

None of this would exist without playwrights (and we are playwrights ourselves!) so we wanted to make it easier to connect with our authors and their work online.

  • If you choose Our Authors from the "About Us" dropdown menu, you can browse through a full list of our playwrights (and see several good cats).
  • Playwright profile pages now include author websites and social media accounts as well as their bios and titles at Stage Partners.

More to come!

We have a lot of big plans on the horizon, from building out our resource section to dropping some new releases we're really excited about, so make sure to check in with us and sign up for our email list to learn about what's new.

One thing that's not going to change as we grow - we are here to talk to you! 

The reason we're here, and not making something else, is to work with the theatremakers who write, read, teach, and produce plays. We all feel strongly about keeping our communication with you responsive and personal. You're going to talk to a human when you talk to us. So let us know what you think about the new site, what you'd like to see, and what your questions are! We're here to listen.

- The Stage Partners Team