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Play Recommendations

  1. The Top 10 One-Act and Full-Length Plays of 2023

    The Top 10 One-Act and Full-Length Plays of 2023

    As we start the new year, let's give a round of applause to the most-produced plays of 2023! Curious to see what inspired so many theatre groups? As always, you can dive in right now and read all top 10 full-length scripts and all top 10 one-act scripts online for free! 

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  2. New Play Summer Reading List 2022

    2022 Summer Play Reading List
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  3. Haunting Plays for the Fall Season

    Haunting Plays for the Fall Season

    We can officially say it is Fall and this magical season puts us in the mood for haunting tales and spooky mysteries! Whether you are searching for an eerie one-act play or a frightening full-length, this list of new plays might be just perfect for your cast of Middle School actors or advanced High School performers.

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  4. New Play Summer Reading List 2021

    Summer vacation never felt so good! After a year of Zoom and Google Meet and plastic desk dividers and quarantines, Summer Break has been well earned by Theatre Teachers and students alike. Theatres are gearing up for re-opening across the globe. While you linger over your morning coffee or enjoy a day at the beach, we have your New Play Summer Reading List right here.

    Check out these new, exciting plays and consider them for your upcoming theatre season. Need a great fall play to hook your students back in? Want to keep the fun of Outdoor Theatre going in the spring? Planning on creating an Audio Play for the winter months? This list will have you covered. Want to read more? Read all of the plays in their entirety for free!

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  5. The Bigger the Better: 8 Great Plays for Large Casts of Student Actors

    In a world of "two-handers" and "three-handers" where are all the "twenty-two-handers" and "just enough actors for everyone to have a part-ers"? Where are the plays with big casts for student actors?

    Here at Stage Partners, of course!

    Whether you're directing a school production, a summer show, or theater for young audiences, we know it can be hard finding new plays that fit your unique casting needs. That's why we invite our playwrights to think BIG: Big stories, big themes, and yes, BIG CASTS!

    To get started here's a list of 8 plays for young actors, high schools, and middle schools that are guaranteed to get theater students excited— whether you have 14 or 40.

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  6. Set the Stage for 2020: Read Our Top 10 Plays of 2019!

    Are you ready for a new year full of new theatrical experiences? Kick it off by reading our top 10 plays of 2019!

    #10: The Elf on a Shelf Must Die

    By Don Zolidis
    • Christmas Comedy
    • One-Act (30-35 minutes)
    • 12-20 actors, gender flexible
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  7. It's Snow-time! - Stuff Your Stockings with These 7 Plays for Student Actors

    It's almost time to take a well-earned holiday break, and whether you're traveling across the country to visit family (like me!) or getting cozy at home (like my dog wishes we were!), nothing makes for a great vacation like some good reading material.

    Sure you could pick up one of those heavy hardcovers at the airport, but only a Scrooge would lug around a brick of a book when you can read all our plays FOR FREE on the very screen you're looking at right now!

    But with so many plays to choose from where should you start?!

    Well the good news keeps getting better because I've been reading plays from the Stage

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  8. It's Her Say: 5 Phenomenal Plays by Female Playwrights

    We're less than two weeks away from the submission deadline for It's Her Say, our new collection of plays with strong female characters by awesome female drama teachers!

    If you're anything like me you know nothing gets the gears of inspiration moving like a good deadline, so now's the perfect time to get started on your original 10-minute play for young actors and young actresses. Click here to learn more about this amazing opportunity to join our playwriting family. We can't wait to read your submissions!

    Need a little inspiration? Check out these five phenomenal one-acts and full-length plays written by fantastic female playwrights. They're all FREE to read here at Stage

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  9. Don't Be Scared! New Holiday Plays Are HERE!

    Boo! It's already October, and the only thing scarier than Halloween is realizing you've got less than two months to get ready for your school's big holiday play!

    Before you panic and start tearing into the bite-sized Twix, now might be a good time to remember that Stage Partners has holiday plays for young actors that you can read FOR FREE and download right from this website. (For the record: That's even faster than Santa can deliver the goods.)

    This year we have exciting new holiday plays like the heartwarming full-length adventure Alice in Winter Wonderland and the hilariously bratty tech-addicted comedy The Surviving Christmas App.

    They make great additions

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  10. Go Back to School with 8 Perfect Plays for Student Actors!

    August is here, which means a new school year is right around the corner. Get your acting students excited for fall with these plays that are perfect for both the drama classroom and school productions.

    From comedies and parodies to dramas and adaptations, Stage Partners has plays for schools, drama competitions, and more. Best of all: You can read them all for FREE year-round!


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