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Digital Theatre

  1. Creating a High School Drama Podcast

    When theater teacher Joel Brown reached out and presented the idea of creating an Episodic Podcast with Del Martin’s In the Forests of the Night, we knew we had to figure out how to make it happen. Joel has generously shared his process here. Maybe your next production is a podcast!

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  2. Digital Teaching Tools: I Hate Valentines Day

    At the end of her script, I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY, playwright Sonya Sobieski, offers some thoughtful questions for drama teachers to pose to their student cast. We thought it would be helpful to bring these questions to the front, so theatre directors and teachers could bring them to drama class. 

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  3. 5 Playwriting Principles from Don Zolidis: Dealing with the Visual

    Welcome to our series of Playwriting Principles from Don Zolidis! These mini-lessons about Don's process adapting How To Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play will help you create your own work both on screen and on stage.

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  4. 5 Playwriting Principles from Don Zolidis: Writing for the New Digital Landscape

    Playwright Don Zolidis shares what he's learned about writing and adapting plays for Zoom in this new essay series. Find out how to get your students creating amazing digital theater and virtual productions with these tips!

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  5. Distance Learning: Using Plays In the Virtual Classroom

    Meet Rene BeVier Dill. She is a mom of three and a middle school theater teacher in Colorado who is making the most of teaching theater online. Before teaching middle school, Rene was a Teaching Artist in NYC and a high school theater teacher in Colorado with over 17 years of experience. When our nation’s teachers had to turn on a dime and start teaching virtually, Rene wrote her whole spring e-learning curriculum around the Stage Partners play THE DAY THE INTERNET DIED using our PDF Script Pack. Not only were we flattered, we wanted to know how she did it!

    Here, Rene shares some of her Distance Learning tricks and a couple of her wonderful lessons with Education Director, Maria

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  6. Distance Learning: Creating a Scene From Literature

    We’re going back to school… or maybe we’re not going back in-person, it’s all online… or maybe we’re in school but we are social distancing…

    This is not an easy time to plan if you are a theater teacher. As you begin to develop your plans for in-school, home-school and everything in between, Stage Partners wants to be a resource to you. Using a play from our catalogue as a starting point and developing lessons around it can help keep the love of theater alive until we can all congregate for a live performance once again.

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  7. A Brand New Art Form: I Miss Theater, But...

    As we all know since March of 2020, life changes on a dime. No matter the moment, in peacetime or in paradigm shifts, it is teachers that are helping students navigate the ups and downs, the how and the why. Throughout the school shut down, we have worked closely with theater teacher Emily Hageman, discussing best practices and how to deal with the constraints of teaching theater remotely.

    Here, Emily shares her mindset through these past months and offers a glimmer of hope for where this experience will take us.

    A few months ago, the world was upended. I remember the day after

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  8. Distance Learning: Tips for Directing a Virtual Play

    Even though we’re cooped up inside our homes and away from our collaborators, the desire to create theater hasn’t evaporated. People still need connection and stories still need to be told. The question is: How?

    Stage Partners invited veteran director David Ruttura to share his advice on directing your own remote production.

    If you had asked me 2 months ago if I thought directing a live play on video conferencing platforms Zoom was a good idea, I would have laughed and run the other way. But after some practice, you can actually mimic the rehearsal process, “live edit” your cast into orderly scenes, and ultimately present a clear and compelling story to your audience.

    It’s also pretty easy and fun.

    I highly doubt the computer programmers were thinking about how theater people might use apps like Zoom or FaceTime

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  9. Distance Learning: Fighting For Attention

    News of canceled productions and uprooted programs is heartbreaking for all of us. We've been challenged to change the way we live and create, and with little notice.

    Playwright and theater educator Peter Royston has been teaching remotely for the past year and has mastered the art of Distance Learning. Spoiler Alert: It's not easy!

    How can theater educators thrive in the new digital classroom we all— teachers, kids, parents, the world— suddenly find ourselves in?

    Because no matter how long Skype, Zoom, Newrow, LearnCube, or any of the other platforms have been active, the transition to online learning has been very sudden, precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis. Whatever your age— whether you’re a kid or adult, single citizen or worried parent— you can’t escape the idea whose time has

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  10. Distance Learning: Tips and Techniques for Online Performance

    Distance Learning: Tips and Techniques for Online Performance

    The Spring Show was cancelled and now we are scrambling to fill students time until further notice. Our Seniors are devastated, and our Booster Moms were really going to raise so much money this year. It’s heartbreaking. But get this. We are experiencing a pandemic in the time of The Internet. So. Before we lose that, too, let’s make a play on it. Not only is this an assignment for your students to receive credit for and to do while social distancing, this is an opportunity for your actors to produce a play together.


    Perform a play from home and share it with their friends, loved ones and the world.

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