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Design & Tech

  1. Playing On Air: A Free Resource for the Theatre Classroom

    Meet Shelly Horwitz, the Marketing and Education Director at Playing on Air and mastermind behind Playing on Air’s education initiative. Get to know this amazing programming as you plan your curriculum for the next school year.

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  2. Designer’s Desk: Building Your Sound Design Toolbox

    You and your student actors have been hard at work and now after weeks of rehearsals on the big school play it’s almost time for everything to come together in tech! You’ve finished all the costume fittings, your set and lights are finally starting to take shape, but you can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something…


    And that's when you realize you forgot… THE SOUND DESIGN!

    Thankfully you bookmarked this blog post and now I'm here to rescue you!

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  3. Designer's Desk: Projection Design for A Wrinkle in Time from Theatre Ave!

    Creating fantastic theatre moments on stage is always an exciting challenge for theatre teachers and directors. Consider the play A Wrinkle in Time with its moments of traveling through space and time, also known as tessering. Or the scenes that happen on far off planets? There are so many exciting ways these imaginative moments have been created on stage. Projection design company, Theatre Ave, has offered another way of enhancing these magnificent moments of storytelling. Theatre Ave is a projection design company that handcrafts each projection design in their Atlanta studio. Stage Partners got to speak with Theatre Ave Founding Creative Director, Mitch Stark, about what drew him and his team to design projections for the play A Wrinkle in Time.

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  4. Designer's Desk: 5 Tips for Using Projections on Stage

    5 Tips for Using Projections on Stage

    Stage Partners linked up with Mitch Stark, Founding Creative Director of Theatre Avenue, an art and animation studio which produces theatrical digital projections.In theatre, storytelling is king. And one of the most effective storytelling tools is now more affordable and easier to use than ever. Not sure where to get started? Mitch shares helpful Tips for Using

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