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Behind the Play

  1. A Wind in the Door at The Kennedy Center

    A Wind in the Door at The Kennedy Center

    A Wind in the Door at The Kennedy Center

    A Wind in the Door heroine Meg Murry embarks on an adventure when she learns of a powerful connection between her little brother and the fate of the universe. On our journey to Washington, DC for the premiere of the new stage adaptation of A Wind in the Door, it was clear that some powerful connections had sent us on our adventure, too. All of us at Stage Partners have a strong bond with the work of Madeleine L’Engle: sprawling and intimate, poignant and humorous, her writing is beloved and a new adaptation of her work always gets us excited. You can only imagine our

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  2. Tackling a Historical Play: Writing The Book Women

    Tackling a Historical Play: Rachel Bublitz on Writing The Book Women

    Playwright Rachel Bublitz shares how she approached writing a new play about a real-life group of librarians known as the ‘book women’ who delivered books on horseback to rural communities in Eastern Kentucky during the Great Depression

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  3. It's Her Say: Meet the Playwrights

    IT's Her Say: Meet the Playwrights

    Get to know the playwrights of IT’S HER SAY, the collection of short plays where females take the lead! Stage Partners was able to get some time to talk with a few of these busy teachers. Find out what inspires these teachers/playwrights, learn a bit more about the scripts, and what these writers hope young performers will take away from working on these short plays.

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  4. My Brother's Gift: An Interview with Claudia Haas and Eva Schloss

    My Brother's Gift: An Interview with Claudia Haas and Eva Schloss

    Watch the video of the in-depth discussion about the new play, My Brother’s Gift, with playwright Claudia Haas, collaborator Eva Schloss, and Stage Partners Education Director, Maria McConville.

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  5. Playwright Q&A with Claudia Haas, Author of Dear Anne, From Nina

    Playwright Claudia Haas has written the poignant and beautiful Dear Anne, From Nina based on the pen pal exchange between the Frank sisters and two American sisters in Iowa. Stage Partners Education Director Maria McConville chatted with Claudia to find out how she encountered this story, what inspired her to bring it to the stage, and how she hopes the play will inspire young people to stand up to injustice.

    An Interview with Playwright Claudia Haas:

    MARIA MCCONVILLE: I was fascinated to find out that Anne Frank had, for a brief moment in time, an American pen pal! How did you come across this story? Were you asked to write the Play or did you ask to write the play?

    CLAUDIA HAAS: I saw an article in the BBC about the brief penpal exchange. It sent me on a research mission through google to learn more. When I discovered there was a museum dedicated to the small but important exchange of letters in Danville, Iowa, I knew I needed to pay them a visit. Danville is only about a day’s drive from my home in Minnesota, so it was all just luck that I was able to explore in-person. I had recently come home from a trip to Amsterdam where I visited the Anne Frank House. Seeing the cramped hiding space versus the openness of the farm in Iowa was very poignant. I

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  6. New Takes on Classic Tales: Why Shakespeare?

    In April, we celebrate one of the world’s most famous playwright’s birthday, William Shakespeare. We may be a publisher and cheerleader of new plays, but The Bard always continues to inspire. In his close to 40 plays, Shakespeare explores the many facets of the human condition that connect us all. For his birthday month, we wanted to celebrate Shakespeare by sharing how he inspires our writers and teachers.

    If you are looking to bring Shakespeare into your season, theatre classroom, or community, Stage Partners offers classic adaptations that are easily accessible to all ages. We hope young artists and students fall in love with the characters and desire to dive into the original text. Consider these offerings a gateway into Shakespeare!

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  7. Playwright Q&A with Rocco Natale and Jason Pizzarello, Authors of The Cast List

    Playwrights Rocco Natale and Jason Pizzarello teamed up to write the hilarious one-act comedy The Cast List. Rocco Natale is the Executive Director of the arts organization, Open Arts Alliance, Jason Pizzarello is one of the co-founders of Stage Partners. Even though Rocco sits on the other side of the casting table now and Jason only performs for his two young daughters, these two former theatre students remember all too well what it is like to wait for the cast list to be posted!

    An Interview with Playwrights Rocco Natale and Jason Pizzarello:

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  8. Digital Teaching Tools: A Wind in the Door

    With this new adaptation comes new lesson plans! Peter Royston’s 3 Lesson Plans were created specifically for his adaptation of A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. These lessons will round out an ensemble’s experience rehearsing this play or help students get solid grasp of the script when analyzing in class. And best of all, they’re absolutely free to download and use.

    I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Royston not only as an actor for his virtual reading of

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  9. Playwright Q&A with Nina Mansfield, Author of Antigone: 3021

    Theater teacher and playwright Nina Mansfield talks about her virtual adaptation of an ancient classic, ANTIGONE: 3021, with Stage Partners Education Director Maria McConville. Find out how Mansfield adjusted her Fall Play to a virtual setting and what she thinks about this new way of creating theater.

    Photos from the Harrison High School production of Anitgone: 3021,

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  10. Digital Teaching Tools: Tuck Everlasting

    Tuck Everlasting:
    A Teaching Tool for Discovering Self-Awareness through Social Emotional Learning

    Whether it’s middle school theater class or the high school play, practicing theater in school helps guide us through all of the ups and downs that life brings us. The year 2020 has forced so many of our young people to grow-up quickly. Our relationship with time has certainly been altered. Since March 2020, there were points the months seemed like years, or was that just me? The major events the world has experienced has had many focus in on what is important; family, love, and what we do with our time. So many of us had to experience the loss of those we hold dear in a way that is not easily explained.

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