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  1. Casting Tips from Theatre Teachers for Theatre Teachers

    Casting Tips from Theatre Teachers for Theatre Teachers

    Whether you are casting your 15th show, or holding auditions for the first time, we have tips, tricks, and plans from some seasoned Stage Partners theatre teachers and theatre teacher playwrights to improve the process Before, During and After Audition.

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  2. Director's Corner with Jon Jory: The Teacher and the Audition

    To celebrate the release of our new collection The Audition: Monologues with Direction we invited the author of all 52 monologues— the brilliant Jon Jory— back to share some of his insights as both a master director and theater educator.

    Picking the right audition monologue for a student actor can feel like an impossible task— let alone for a whole class of eager theater students! Jon’s direction will help you choose the right audition pieces, use them them to build these young actors’ skills, and make them most of them in the classroom. The Audition includes Jon's original monologues, his direction and suggestions, plus 10 Shakespeare monologues and tips for helping theater students tackle the Bard!

    Now, without further ado, the master himself:

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  3. Director's Corner with Jon Jory: Making Auditions Awesome Instead of Arduous

    Soooo, Stage Partners is allowing me to share a thought or two with you on a monthly basis. What are my bonafides? A life’s work and my sense that I’ve made so many mistakes as a director that I might be of some help in avoiding the pot-holes! Off we go...

    Tips for Young Actors:

    Making Auditions Awesome Instead of Arduous

    Ah yes, the actor’s least favorite part of the job. A room with murderously florescent

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  4. Audition Tips for Teachers: How to Help Students Get the Part

    Education Director Maria McConville offers ideas for making the auditions process a skill-building process. Get students to show you their best work through these simple tips.

    Auditions can be the most nerve-wracking part of the theater process. As a theatre teacher, you want each of your students to get the part. They put themselves out there and they should be proud of the work they present. I know it can be overwhelming to see our students so stressed. Oh, the nerves! But auditions are also an opportunity for students who don’t normally participate to really shine.

    Here are some tips to honor students' emotions and to give them the tools to apply for college and beyond.

    • Set a clear standard. Provide students with the rubric of what you are looking for in their audition. Do they need to be off book? Do they need to show their ability to project? To hit that high
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