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Sarah Kraning

Sarah Kraning is an abstract contemporary artist with synesthesia. She creates custom paintings based on vivid experiences of music as colors, patterns, and movement. A self-taught artist, Sarah began sharing her paintings and story on social media in 2021 (@SarahKraning on TikTok and Instagram), resulting in millions of views. Sarah has worked since then as a collaborative artist with musicians and other content creators, and has had her work featured in the Guggenheim Magazine and the Beatles Museum. 

After sharing her story on social media, she received hundred of messages from other synesthetes, expressing their fears about telling other about their synesthesia for fear of ridicule/disbelief. Since then, Sarah has worked to raise awareness of synesthesia by normalizing the experience and shedding light on its presentations and types. She has given lectures on the topic and her personal experience in a variety of educational settings. 

You can find her artwork at