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Aeneas Sagar Hemphill

Aeneas Sagar Hemphill is a bicultural south asian-american writer and performer based in NY and DC. Drawing from a wide array of artistic and cultural influences, his work digs to the root of our most pressing issues, telling intimate stories at intersection with the systems and histories that define our world. Recently, he was an R&D Fellow with The Civilians, a Speakers' Corner Fellow with Gingold Theatrical Group, and a PlayLab Fellow with Pipeline Theatre Company. His plays include: A Wake At Singh's (The Civilians, Prologue), Karma Sutra Chai Tea Latte (Gingold Theatrical Group), The Empire Live! (The Brick, COOP), Black Hollow (Argo Collective, Columbia), The Troll King (Pipeline), A Stitch Here or There (DarkHorse, Slingshot), The Red Balloon (Noor Theater), and The Republic of Janet & Arthur (Amios). He holds an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University.